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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 18, 2023 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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there was no guiding. there are people doing that thing? you think they're guiding them from the ground? over ongoing violene in the city as police continue to search for the suspects who shot and wounded a toddler. plus movement on a new oakland a's home in las vegas grinds to a halt as nevada lawmakers balked at the nearly $400 million price tag. it's all happening right now on the four from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth oakland police today are walking back the announcement of arrests in the case of an attempted robbery of a nanny, which left a toddler injured by bullets. shrapnel welcome to the four everyone. i'm greg lee alex savage. the department clarified today that no one is in custody despite announcing arrests at a crowded public meeting that
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happened last night, our crime reporter henry lee, joining us now live from the newsroom with the latest on this investigation, henry alex and greg. those arrests turned out to be linked to other robberies in oakland and crimes in a different city. so as it stands, no arrests have been made in this incident, and the girl's mother is asking the department to spare no resources and bring whoever is responsible to justice. an about face in the oakland police investigation into a robbery attempt of a nanny that left a 15 month old girl injured by shrapnel at a crowded safety meeting wednesday night at a church. a top police officials said that arrests have been made in the case. but on thursday, the department confirmed that no one was in custody. deputy police chief james beer had told the mother of the child, the suspect was caught. beer also said this i think we still need to do more investigations to find that. that person that's responsible and the people that were with them. the mother was wrecked with the emotion at the meeting. i really didn't want to be here today. i want to be the
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daughter. it's trouble. cute. just you. on tuesday. the mother carried her daughter to an ambulance after the incident on trestle glen road. the nanny told me she was pushing the little girl in a stroller home from a park when she was confronted, she says. she began struggling with the man over her purse, and then he fired a shot into the ground that left the girl with lacerations. at wednesday's meeting, the mother told oakland police she didn't expect to be picking bits of shrapnel from her daughter's shoe. i want kids and children walking. i had a one stop. some of the audience wept. after she spoke. the mother got a standing ovation is nothing i can say. there's nothing i can do. to make any of this right deputy chief also said that during the investigation, police had recovered a gun that matched the caliber of the bullet that was fired. you can see the strike mark here on the sidewalk. the
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gun that was found and the bullet casings from the scene have been submitted to a crime lab for ballistics testing in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox studios, henry thank you, the oakland a's are running into some funding problems as they try to make a move to las vegas , according to the nevada independent lawmakers, and in that state have not yet introduced legislation that would green light public money to build a new stadium along the strip. $195 million for the ballpark, not the $395 million. the a's are asking for and the clock is ticking to approve a funding package with just 20 days left in the nevada legislative session for the latest on the situation unfolding in vegas. we are joined live now by reporter tabatha mueller. from the nevada independent tabatha really appreciate you taking the time today. so a lot of us here in the bay area looking at this and wondering is the a stadium deal
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in vegas in trouble. you know, i don't think we can say right now. i think it's a matter of when that legislation comes through. right that's what everybody is waiting for. is the formal bill language to drop. we know that you know, there are folks that are interested in the legislature, saying that there may be willing to give anywhere from 150 to $195 million in transferable tax credit. is part of the puzzle right? they're still waiting on clark county in terms of money to come in to maybe complete thation. the tear part of some of the delays to i think are because of the a sort of switching stadium sites, and there's lots of discussions going on, so it's just kind of we're in a waiting game limbo or purgatory, so to speak, waiting to see how much money the clark county is willing to put up, and then lawmakers want to come in and sort of formulate their deal for public funding. as you pointed out here, the a's initially were focused on one
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site there in las vegas, and then they shifted over to wanting to build at the site of the tropicana hotel. how much do you think that has played into the fact that you don't yet have a concrete deal? so we spoke with sources who are familiar with the situation and i definitely think that's part of the deal. that's part of the issue is wrong right? they said that the a's flip flopping on a stadium site and not having a concrete solution or not having a concrete proposal is part of the hold up here. alright so initially, the a's looking for that $500 million in public funding that obviously dialed back now and now they're asking for 395 million all told here. why why did they dial back the request? what kind of signals were they getting from? from lawmakers in the state of nevada about the amount of public funding that that might be available to them. so i think lawmakers said $500 million is a lot of money to ask for. they said, you know, see if you can
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find another solution because their negotiations that are going on. i think part of it as well comes down to them being able to get the tropicana site or, um, yes, the tropicana site for free as as kind of a gift from the owners of it. okay so, as we pointed out here at the top time is not on the side of the oakland a's here. we have fewer than 20 days left in the nevada legislative session right now, what do you think, are the chances that both houses of the legislature somehow come together and approve of public funding package by this june 5th deadline that's coming up. i think it's possible, right? you never want to say that anything is totally dead ever or out of the question. but i do think that the clock is ticking. i know that lawmakers said. you know, you have a warning. we would have liked this two or three weeks ago, so i think it's possible for this to happen. however um, i do think it's
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going to be a struggle. and if they don't meet the june 5th deadline, if the deal doesn't get done by then, is there a chance that there could be a special legis? slate of session. yes there is a chance that could be a special legislative session . i don't think anyone is very excited about it because when nevada's legislative session works is that they meet for 120 days every two years so to go into a special session in a year when we already had a regular session is going to cost the taxpayers more money. um you know, lawmakers are going to maybe have to change their summer plans. including journalists and other folks working in the building, so i think there's not a huge appetite to go into a special session, and clearly the clock is ticking for the aids to get a stadium deal done in las vegas really appreciate the inside tampa to mueller from the nevada independent, nice talking with you. thanks for having me on and coming up in just a few minutes here on the four. today we are going to be joined live by oakland mayor shane tao. we are going to ask her about the oakland a's potential move to las vegas and some of the
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negotiations that we just talked about unfolding there in the state of nevada. we are also going to ask her about renewed concerns over public safety in the city and the effort to try to hire a new police chief, as well as a new fire chief in the city. there is more fallout today over a decision by the los angeles dodgers to un invite the sisters of perpetual indulgence from its upcoming pride celebrations. the los angeles lgbt center is now withdrawing its participation and calling on the dodgers to cancel the event . ktvu elissa harrington has more of the team's decision, and the criticism is now facing we're used to being thrown under the bus, so it doesn't come as a surprise. it never feels good. but we get it sister unity with his sisters of perpetual indulgence chapter was honored to find out the dodgers plan to present the group with the community hero award at the team's pride night in june, but suddenly, the sisters were disinvited. the award rescinded. in a statement, the dodger said , given the strong feelings of
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people who have been offended by the sisters inclusion in our evening and in an effort not to distract from the great benefits that we have seen over the years of pride night. we're deciding to remove them from this year's group of honorees were looking forward to having that moment at the microphone to say our message, which is there's room in the world for everyone to be who they are, as they are free from guilt and shame. the dodgers decision followed criticism from the catholic league and from florida senator marco rouz. rubio who accused the group of mocking and degrading the faith. sisters aren't mocking anyone. the sisters are expressing themselves. they are core institution in the l g b t q community and i'm proud of them. state senator scott wiener said the charitable group has done important and life saving work. the sisters of perpetual indulgence first started in san francisco in 1979 and now have chapters worldwide. absolutely floored that a california sports team, uh, would would would kick out some drag queens from an
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event sister. unity wanted to be clear. they are not anti any religion. they even have some catholic members while they are disappointed to miss the dodgers pride night, we will return our focus to what we've always done. we'll go back on the streets of los angeles and look for the people who whose voices are never heard. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. in a statement from the l. a lgbt center, rebuking the dodgers decision, the organization the exclusion of theof anti lgbtq plus legislation are on the books, many of them targeting freedom of speech in the bodily autonomy of our community. the fight for lgbt q . plus rights is as critical as ever. and unfortunately, the dodgers toast to bow to the religious right rather than stand with our lgbtq community.
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san francisco is now the first city in the nation with a drag laureate, well known drag performer at night club owner darcy drooling er has been appointed to the position by mayor london breed drooling will have a wide range of responsibilities, including producing and participating in drag events and serving as a spokesperson for san francisco's lgbtq plus community. the city's inaugural drag laureate will also be tasked with helping to ensure the city's drag history is shared, honored and preserved. i think having the drag laureate position takes what we're doing and really elevates it and gives it a deeper amount of credibility. i think that it, francisco acknowledges us for what we've done already. but to put this on sort of a national stage really does make a profound difference, and i hope it inspires cities across the country and the globe to do the same. mayor breed
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called rolling her bright star in san francisco, praising her for her advocacy and for elevating the city's drag community, drawing her will receive a $55,000 stipend in her 18 month role. all right, turning now to bay area weather meteorologists. mark tamayo joins us now from the weather center. how's it looking out there? mark there, greg. not too much change this week. the heat from yesterday. we've definitely cooled off from earlier in the week. and main reason is, we have a pretty healthy marine layer a lot too low clouds and fog just offshore. just a couple of days ago, we had a shallow marine layer and has deepened a little bit and the net result for everybody is a cool down here in the bay area so that the major heat is out of here is still a few locations. warming up into the mid to operate eighties. but here's the satellite. this looks like the middle of summer, doesn't it? lots of low clouds and fog. this is from earlier today over the past six hours of the satellite imagery, and here you can see still some overcast out towards half moon bay right around pacifica is becoming closer to a san francisco looks like half of san francisco in the fog here
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out towards the ocean beach here and then, as you can see downtown, we actually have mostly clear skies approaching the bay bridge. current numbers out there where it's howdy. it is cool. still some fifties and san francisco seventies up in the north bay and the warmest occasions inland in the low to mid eighties. check out the winds. right now, there is a bit of a breeze that typical wind that picks up this time of day during the midday our hours and sfo as you can see, gusting to nearly 30 miles an hour. here's a live camera this afternoon looking out toward the golden gate bridge, some blue sky up above, but still some lingering cloud cover out toward the marine headlands this afternoon . as far as overnight temperatures will start out tomorrow morning in the fifties , so low clouds 51 to 53 to 54 degrees, and here is the forecast model tomorrow morning showing you once again a push of the low clouds and fog in the morning. gradually clearing back to near the shore line, and there is your eventual temperature range in the upper fifties to the sixties to the lower eighties, a little bit of a cool down as we head into the
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first half of the weekend, then we'll have warm things up a little bit in the five day forecast and a lot more and that with your full update all coming up in just a little bit. alright mark. thanks. we'll see you soon. next on the floor will be joined live by oakland. they're saying town to discuss ongoing issues facing the city. that's the debt ceiling debate goes on as congressional leaders inched toward a r olutio and this is ready to go online! any questions? yeah, i got one: how about the best network imaginable? let's invent that! that's what we do here. quick survey.
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um a few the a's crime and public safety and the firing of police chief laurent armstrong. and the mayor also working to fill vacancies in some other top positions within the city right now, for more on all these issues, we're joined now by mayor xiang tao mayor. we always appreciate you taking the time. it's good to see you. we want to get to your efforts to fill some of those key vacancies in the city in just a moment. but let's talk if we can first about the
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issue of public safety in oakland. it's really top of mind for a lot of people right now, following troubling series of crimes, some in the trestle glen neighborhood, which i know you're aware of. including a baby. struck by bullets shrapnel during that attempted robbery this week. there was a public meeting last night, and a lot of people made it clear that they just don't feel safe walking the streets in their own neighborhoods. what as mayor, what do you think of the concrete steps that need to be taken to improve people's sense of safety in oakland? absolutely you know, as a mom, my heart goes out to the little girl and her family. i cannot imagine. imagine how scary it is for that family or anybody who has gone through this, you know, mind you my home was broken into where my son was home by himself, and they looked at him and continue to rob my house while he was still there. and so this is very personal for me. and, um, you know, this is something that we're working on with chief
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alison as well, too. we know that the response needs to be there, but we also need to work with our interagency. these as well and i've had a conversation with the governor is just yesterday about working with chp as well, too. and so it's going to be all hands on deck. but at the same time, you know we can't do this without having a regional efforts because we're seeing that it's people who are coming from outside of oakland into oakland, and we're seeing it happen all around in the bay area region as well, and there's talk about about increasing patrols, obviously, in some of these key neighborhoods where you have the problems, there's also a discussion about potentially the city, putting up cameras to try to deter crime and help to solve some of these crimes. do you support that idea? i absolutely do support support that, um, you know, i i've been very straightforward about that. that is something that i'm working on to ensure that we can do. um obviously, here in the city of oakland, we have many different things. um you know, hopes that we have to jump through in order to make sure that we are being
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responsible. and so that's something that i'm working on with the council members and with the chief as well to mayor as part of this, you fire chief armstrong in february. what is the status of the search for a new chief? how wide. is that net that's being cast and do you yourself? have a short list of candidates. so for the police chief, it is the responsibility of the police commission to actually conduct that search. and so it's my understanding they have started the process of conducting that search. from that search, they will recommend three of the top candidates to me, and then i could either choose to, um, except one of those names or i can decline all of those names and have the process starts over again. but it does not start with my office. it starts with the police commission to find a new police chief, and i want to be very clear that chief alison is the interim police chief, and he has had decades of europe in the department and not just that, but he was prior to be interim police chief. he was t, meaningr
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two in the department as well, too, so he's very capable and has done great work under his time as the interim police chief . alright, you also assume you're going to have a vacancy in the fire chief position here . we know that the fire chief reginald freeman has decided. i did to resign his position that will be effective starting next month, and he just so happened to join us yesterday afternoon on the four here, and he talked about how tough this decision was for him. let's let's listen here briefly to what the chief had to say. it was a very difficult decision. the hardest thing i've done in my career is leaving the oakland firefighters , but it was by far the best decision for me and my family. and he says, a personal decision for him and his family and one that he wanted to make to move back east for role in the private sector. how do you do you feel this role in the fire department and who? what sort of candidate or are you looking
4:21 pm
for? here is the fire department struggles with funding issues and staffing issues? absolutely you know, we're going to miss chief freeman so much. i had a great working relationship with chief freeman. but obviously when it comes to your family family comes first. and so i know that he has a lot of family in the east coast. this actually will fall into the purview of our new city administrator, justin johnson, who will be working with me to really do a national national search for our next, um, chief of the fire department. what i'm looking for is somebody who understands wildfire prevention, someone who can work with the staffing levels that we are constrained under. especially during this historic budget deficit where we have $360 million in deficit and so and not just that, but make sure that it's somebody who community can trust. you know that's incredibly important for me. and so i'm excited to work with our new city administrator, justin johnson, to make sure that we have the right person in that position. mayor shifting gears here is something we've
4:22 pm
been talking about on this show the a's and their struggle to find funding from the government there in the vata as they look to move to las vegas if the a's were to come back to the city of oakland, whether under this ownership or someone different would those negotiations reopen here? and how close are you to a new ballpark here? if that is the case absolutely in a heartbeat. you know, i always said that you know if the a's and dave cable or john fisher were to call me that i would pick up the phone call, i want there to be in a stadium at howard terminal, and what that means is that we were actually very close to a deal and whether it be under the currently ownership or a new ownership. we are ready. we are ready to move forward with negotiations again . and once things are signed off , i would tell you that i'm excited that it would take about two years before we break. round and so with that being said, you know, i really hope that, um, you know that they'll play ball. mayor do you think the vegas deal is in trouble? you know, um i can't say right because i've
4:23 pm
gone through the same process with the oakland a's here in the city of oakland. and so who knows? who knows what what's what? who knows which the truth. okay alright. appreciate you taking the time. oakland mayor xiang tao, thanks for joining us. thank you. the man accused of killing cash. app founder bob lee was back into san francisco courtroom earlier today for arraignment, and he pleaded not guilty. fema momeni is charged with murder with a special allegation that he used a knife as a weapon. lee's family members were in court as well this morning as momentous attorney entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf. according to court documents. the two men knew each other and they were in a dispute over momentous sister. here's attorney. asked for his release. the judge said momeni was a threat to the community and ordered that he remain in custody without bail. attorney and the prosecutor are set to be back in court tomorrow to schedule a preliminary hearing and we'll have much more on
4:24 pm
momentous court appearance today in san francisco, including why his defense says the evidence doesn't tell the full story. we'll have that coming up tonight on the news at five o'clock. well the nation's highest court issuing a ruling on social media companies, saying that those companies are not liable for radicalizing terrorists. the details on this important decision after the break
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madeline has the story. in a unanimous ruling the supreme court protecting twitter, finding that user content on the social media site cannot be held liable for radicalizing terrorists. the case was brought by the family of a man killed in a 2017 attack. but in a ruling written by justice clarence thomas, the plaintiff's allegations are insufficient to establish that these defendants aided and abetted isis and
4:27 pm
carrying out the relevant attack the court has clarified that. there needs to be much more of a nexus and proof of actual meaningful knowing participation in, say, a terrorist act. supreme court has also thrown a separate case against google back to the lower courts. the courts sidestepping questions regarding section 2 30, which shields platforms from liability based on third party content. family members of an american student killed in the 2015 pairs attacks sued youtube's owner, alleging the platform helped islamic state by allowing it to post hundreds of videos that incited potential supporters. the court was hostile to the idea that, uh the tech companies could be held liable under these circumstances for something like a terrorist attack, where it's clear that they didn't have any knowing participation. in the terrorist attack, but the attorney who represented the student's family argued social media companies need to be held accountable. social media have
4:28 pm
been immune for too many years. social media has social responsibility. the supreme court is expected to rule on other high profile cases on issues like affirmative action, religious liberty and student loan forgiveness in the weeks ahead. at the supreme court, mother of era fox news group of tiktok users are suing montana in response to a new first of its kind bill banning the popular social media app in that state. the new law signed by the governor yesterday, targets tiktok and other tech entities like apple and google that offer access to the social media platform through their app store. it does not apply to everyday users. the band carries a fine of $10,000 a day for each violation. until now, states have only banned the chinese company owned app on government issued devices. talk is a national security threat. this apps steals information and data from users and its ability to share that data with the chinese communist party is unacceptable and infringes on montana's
4:29 pm
rights to privacy. the a c l u, blasted the law, saying it quote trampled on the free speech of hundreds of thousands of montanans who use the app to express themselves gather information and run their small business in the name of anti chinese sentiment. president biden convening with world leaders at the annual g seven summit in hiroshima, japan, details on some of the key topics they're discussing, and the president's first meeting with the japanese prime minister , plus legalized sports betting . still a fast growing industry , the pros and cons five years after the landmark supreme court case
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in most states, foxes met napolitano reports, the spread of sports betting has its benefits and drawbacks. you may have placed your bets online at a sports book, or maybe just seeing the ads, but sports betting is certainly making its presence known across the us pressed to find an example of something that's moved so quickly through so many statehouses as legal sports study. 37 states and the district of columbia have legalized sports betting following the supreme court, tossing the professional and amateur sports protection act, also known as pass, pa. but american gaming association president and ceo bill miller says bettors have been waiting in the wings for some time before the supreme court decision about 60% of americans supported betting on sports. and
4:33 pm
in our most recent poll that we did the american gaming association 85% of the american people supported the decision on repealing passed a and allowing for legal sports betting to happen in america, but there are still concerns over gambling addiction and more recently, concerns over college sports, particularly the student athletes wagering. i think it's really, really important that we treat these amateur athletes in a way that's respectful and that you know, we do everything that we can to make sure that they're educated with regard to what they can and cannot do as student athletes. the concern about college sports and wagering isn't limited to just players. the university of alabama fired baseball coach brad bohannon earlier this month following reports of suspicious wagering activity. on crimson tide games in new york napolitano. fox news stocks closed higher today on wall street on strong quarterly reports from walmart and other big companies, including bath
4:34 pm
and body works and video game maker take two interactive. the dow was up 115 points. the nasdaq jumped by 188 and the s and p 500 closed up just over 39 points out of washington, d. c no debt ceiling deal yet in the deadline is fast approaching. this is lauren blanchard has details as the speaker of the house says he hopes to have something to look at this weekend. president biden spent thursday in japan ahead of g seven summit meetings starting friday. while back home a debt ceiling crisis is now just two weeks away. negotiators have been working behind the scenes to find some sort of compromise . speaker kevin mccarthy has said he wants a framework deal ready by this weekend. he and his party have insisted any deal come with spending cuts like what they put in there already passed, bill told him we have to spend less, and we're going to negotiate only off our bill. so we're sitting in the room trying to get this done where we can get this done to be able to move
4:35 pm
forward to stop the inflation. get us off the dependency of china and get america working again. but without democrats on board, the house bill will never pass the senate. meanwhile senators are leaving town for recessgotiations are currently making progress. speaker. mccarthy has said he expects the house will vote next week if an agreement is reached , and the senate would begin consideration after that. a group of democratic senators are urging president biden to use the 14th amendment to go around congress and deal with the debt limit himself. that move would likely face a legal challenge. let's be clear. what the debt ceiling is about is paying money that has already been appropriated and spent. it has nothing to do with future budgets and future spending leader schumer has told senators they will have a 24 hour notice to return to the capital if a deal is reached in washington.
4:36 pm
lauren lantern fox news the united nations is warning that the next five years could be the warmest ever recorded, according to the world meteorological organization, or w. m o for the first time ever, global temperatures are now more likely than not to breach 2.7 degrees of warming. the w. m o says it is due to a combination of heat trapping pollution and a looming latina. it's practically sure that we will. we will see the warmest year on record during the coming five years once we are slovenia phase is over. the w m o says, breaching the 2.7 degree threshold may only be temporary, but it would be the clearest signal yet of how quickly climate change is accelerating. president biden is in japan right now ahead of the g seven summit that is set to begin tomorrow. leaders are expected to discuss a wide range of issues during the important three day summit, including
4:37 pm
russia's invasion of ukraine. climate change in china is peter doocy is in japan with the president. president biden getting down to business shortly after his arrival in japan this morning. he's in perros, um, a for a high stakes meeting of the g seven leaders set to kick off tomorrow. the white house says the president will spend a lot of time talking about climate change and green energy as well as trade and technology, but the main focus is expected to be on security issues, including getting the g seven to back in new package of sanctions on russia and coming up with a unified plan to confront china, we face the most one of the most complex environments and recent history security environments, but i'm proud that the united states and japan are facing it together. coming to consensus on china will likely be the top security priority following a series of provocative moves by beijing, including a massive naval build up in the south china sea and sending surveillance balloons to spy on
4:38 pm
sensitive sites in the u. s. the white house says it expects the g seven leaders to quote speak with one voice, but it's not clear what agreements can be reached. cloud that's kind of hanging over the entire g summit is going to be authoritarian china and the threat that it poses to the region and beyond. meanwhile republicans on capitol hill are pushing the president to confront china more forcefully on both security and economic issues. the arab wishful thinking is over, and it's time that we defend ourselves in the free world. and the chinese government has already expressed concern about the quote. negative china related trends coming from the summit in hiroshima, peter doocy , fox news, a celebration of food and culture, this aapi heritage month coming up a sneak peek of the second annual indonesian bazaar here in the bay area. and whether or no big changes to the forecast. you can see the fog hanging out toward the coastline. it will move back into the bay overnight and still
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what better way to celebrate asian american pacific islander heritage month and bringing together food and culture and dance group friends of indonesia holding its second annual indonesian bazaar this saturday to learn a little bit more. we are joined by angela to trade the founder of friends of indonesia, angela, thanks so much for taking the time you transform this food hall in the city into an exotic market to share your culture with people. explaining what drove you to start this last year. so last year during the pandemic, we all have a little bit more time to think a little bit about our life and i get into my community
4:42 pm
indonesia and we, uh, in touch with people that selling food through instagram pop up with and then i realized how my culture is not very well represented in the bay area. and as the fourth largest most populous country in the world, indonesia should be more representatives. so that's why me and my friends, we gather together and we put this organization together. we also part of a bigger already organization called asian pacifico, uh, american heritage foundation. and the president is a very kind and since mentoring me and helping me there. philip, these organization. friends of indonesia in the hope that we can promote indonesia and create more awareness of our culture, our delicious food and hopefully
4:43 pm
people can indonesian people can have more business over here, and you said it. part of this is about celebrating indonesian culture, but it's also about shining the light on the food, the dance the fashion. what do you want people to experience when they come on saturday. um i would love them to, uh the our beautiful culture, our amazing dance and our amazing, vibrant community and offering food spicy, not spicy. whatever your , uh, this is we have it offered and also talk to us. and nobody little bit our culture. we are gonna also have video presentation of our beautiful country. so you i hope you can understand what indonesia is all about angela. we just saw a couple of photos on the screen of some of the food that may be served from these vendors. and i'm a foodie. so want to ask you your opinion describe some of the flavors that people can
4:44 pm
taste when they come this weekend. oh indonesian food is super flavorful. we are being known as the spice island from a very long time ago. so um, if you like spicy food, we have the most spicy, spicy sambal if you like, um a lot of flavor with a lot of spices, not just spicy ry goran, which is amazing. and indonesia have a big portion, usually and we have different different sides, so it's gonna be really flavorful, interesting and delectable. angela something i love from your press release was that you said during this aapi heritage month. part of this bizarre is to weave this beautiful tapestry of asian culture and indonesia's role in that. so how special is it to invite people of all backgrounds into this place to show them what indonesia is all about? oh i am a almost tearful hearing
4:45 pm
you saying that because indonesia. it's such a amazing country and have so much to offer. we have a lot of resources that hasn't been known yet and our everything that we are. i think it's beautiful. and i think this is so important to the indonesian community to be recognized and to have opportunity to showcase our offerings. as i want to ask you when people arrive on saturday. i know they have to get it to you. but when they come to this food hall and you totally transformed it. what do you want them to do? do you want them to completely immerse themselves and just let them pretend that they've been transported somewhere else for the time that they're there? yes i we hope we hope so. we're gonna cover the table with our batic material we're gonna bring in a few decoration from our country. we're going to bring an umbrella from bali. and we have a big groups that are gonna dance and
4:46 pm
we actually have consulate general coming giving remarks so it is a big celebration of our culture. so yes, please emerge yourself. and maybe you can think you're on vacation for one day. that soundsindonesia, thanr joining us go thank you so much, and we're actually gonna show people the flyer here. the friends of indonesia second annual bazaar that's this saturday from 11 am to four pm at lakos sienna municipal marketplace in san francisco. go check it out. and a reminder we are celebrating asian american pacific islander heritage all month long for more stories like this just had to ktvu dot com. click on the api month tab. that sounds like a fantastic event happening this saturday in the city market if folks are heading out and about whether it's to san francisco or anywhere else, they're going to enjoy some comfortable temperatures this weekend. not too hot, not too cold kind of alex right on.
4:47 pm
we're kind of in that middle range, comfortable range here in the bay area, so it looks like this. the pattern will continue into the weekend with minor bump in the night. birds as we head into a sunday, but no drastic changes headed our way. so here's the plan for your friday pretty much repeated today's forecast some clouds in the morning. some areas of fog. we're gonna keep it cool for the beach is still warm and lynn were still thinking some lower eighties and the afternoon sea breeze will pick up around 15 to 25 miles an hour. here's the satellite. and once again, this looks like the middle of summer, right, looking out toward the coast here and already some patches pushing over san francisco. looks like we actually have a step out of the way. here's some clearing skies right near the marin headlands. but as you do work your way closer to ocean beach. looks like half of san francisco is in the cloud cover toward downtown san francisco. we actually have more sunshine. here is our live camera looking out towards sfo this afternoon. still some lingering low clouds out there and we'll check out some of the current numbers. let cameras back for you right now. santa rosa 73. livermore in the upper
4:48 pm
seventies and san jose checking in partly sunny skies right around 70. we'll bring in some low cloud cover, definitely coast side and right around the bay. probably partly cloudy skies well inland tomorrow morning and temperatures will be to start out your friday in the fifties. so here's the plan. that's a forecast model showing you the cloud pattern tomorrow morning. maybe a partly cloudy skies for concord and out towards antioch in fairfield, and then into the afternoon hours. just like today the clouds will try to clear back to near the coastline. partly sunny skies around the bay and more sunshine inland. actually a nice, pleasant day inland. we're not talking about any major heat in our forecast. so this is the deal. this area of the high pressures of incan keep those temperatures in the warm side. no major heat. remember the hottest day of the week earlier just a few days ago on tuesday, but watching this area of low pressure offshore that a lift up to the north this area of low pressure down towards southern california not having too much of an impact on our forecast, so no big changes tomorrow and saturday will keep us some low eighties or upper seventies. well inland around the bench,
4:49 pm
mild and keeping it cool for the shore line temperatures only in the fifties. of course, the warmup continues, at least over the past several weeks. we kind of transitioning out of the cold winter time pattern. and in the sierra, they've got a lot of snowpack to melt away. the snow melt has been increased. in fact , one site here, echo peak just over 7800 ft. that's no death last friday was 115 inches today , down in 99 inches, so it gives you an idea of just how quickly that the snowmelt is, is at least that that snow melt in its increasing and that will continue into the weekend. to flood watch begins tonight, right on through monday for all these areas in green because that snowmelt will be a factor, the creeks and the streams will be rising quite a bit. take a look at the numbers for tomorrow, mainly in the upper fifties coast side 60 seventies warmest occasions inland in the lower eighties. here's a look ahead. your five day will have partly sunny skies and your saturday probably one of the coolest days of the week or cooler days. the week and the cooler day of the weekend, a
4:50 pm
little bit of a bump of the numbers by sunday and looks like a nice quiet weather pattern will take us into next week from monday and tuesday is a little bit cooler and then a little bit warmer. nice forecast here in the bay area looking real good mark. appreciate it. the chp is bracing for a spike inside shows . we'll tell you about the blockbuster movie that is raising concerns about risky behavior on the roads and millions of dollars spent on treasure island for housing for formerly homeless vets. it's just one step in the redevelopment of tea. i will give you a l k coming u
4:51 pm
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shows. because of the upcoming debut of a new movie. csp worries that the release of the newest installment of the fast and furious movie franchise will encourage more people to do their own stunt driving. currently the agency reports an increase in sideshow activity statewide and here in the bay area, it's sending out a task force to crack down on the illegal activity with the help
4:53 pm
of new state funding. police and fire officials across the state , say movies like fast and the furious, glamorized, dangerous driving. movies like this or fantasies. people may not believe this, but people looking watch these movies and they somehow believe that there can go out and copycat and do this activities and that they'll be safe. of life of those engaged in such reckless actions as these street shows in sight. the street racing inside shows, however, is real. officials say hundreds of people, including drivers, riders, and spectators are injured and killed every year during sideshow activities around the state. one southern california mother founded street racing kills after her daughter was killed by a teenager who was street racing. she was just the backseat gain the right home. at the point i was taking her home shyi of 18. a coworker passing by. they looked at each other. they stopped. at the challenge each other to a street race. he
4:54 pm
crashed by going over 80 miles an hour. a serious piece says over a five year period side shows have resulted in 264 crashes. 30 of those have resulted in fatalities and 124 people were injured. ridership on bard is now on the rise, according to agency director rebecca saltzman, bart reported its highest ridership day for 2023 on tuesday. nearly 180,000 riders used the service on that day, but that is just 44% of pre pandemic ridership numbers. salzman says the bay area has the lowest return to office rate of anywhere in the country, which is reflected in those lower ridership numbers. people across the bay area got on their bicycles today to join the national celebration promoting bikes as a way to commute previously called bike to work day. the annual event is now referred to as back to wherever day. the change reflects the
4:55 pm
fact that many people's work and commute habits have shifted since the pandemic in cities like san jose organizer set up energizer stations to support those who chose to get on their bikes today as their form of transit. san jose is one of those great places especially downtown, where we have a lot of biking facilities and just try to encourage people to utilize those and the more people bike. the more council sees and will help promote more bike ways throughout the city. hopefully national bike to work day is tomorrow they are they area. organizers say. our event was held today because many people after work from home on fridays up next up before ongoing discussions about how to regulate artificial intelligence , as new concerns arise about using the technology as a trusted source.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
artificial. is already impacting just about every industry from journalism to education. even finance and healthcare professionals are integrating ai into how they do their jobs. but our results in the form of information reliable one company hopes to give a i clients are common denominator seeker is a leading bias detection platform , and they have devised new metrics to determine who exactly is generating the information and a i shows you could be the journalistic principles or it could be things like cognitive biases. and now we've got a new one, which is, is the source material here? is this a computer generated, or is it a human generated? it's a scoring system working like nutrition labels on groceries, attempting to show you what piece of artificially created
4:59 pm
product instead of carbs, proteins or sugars. it might show you sources and reliability people have got it. they're playing with it. they don't quite know what they've got. congress continues brainstorming how to regulate the growth of artificial intelligence. but while most experts say some legislation is needed, recommend treating it like any other advancing technology, let's do what we always do. let's put our industry rating around it. let's put an instruction manual with it. and let's just tell people that if you use it the wrong way it can cause harm. most lawmakers want to regulate ai before the next presidential election out of fear of the spread of political misinformation in miami. eben brown fox news ktvu fox two news at five starts now. there was no premeditation deliberation. absolutely not. we absolutely don't believe this is a whodunit. we believe that we have the murderer. self defense or murder. that will be the
5:00 pm
question for a jury when it comes to the death of cash at founder bob lee nema momeni, the man accused of killing bob lee pleaded not guilty today in a san francisco courtroom. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach jana katsuyama ktvu s christian captain was inside the courtroom following this high profile case and hearing and christian. we are getting a preview of what his defense might be. yeah jenna and mike moment is attorney appears to be setting up a self defense case in this instance. but for now, the judge has ruled that the defendant will remain in jail. fema momeni introduced san francisco courtroom today packed with his family members and family and friends of bob lee, the man he's accused of stabbing to death in the early morning hours of april. 4th his attorney , entered a not guilty plea on her client's behalf, saying this was never a who done it, but how did it happen? she said she will assert a self defense argument and said dna evidence with


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